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Annual Functions

Shri Parshwanath Janam-Diksha Kalyanak Festival:

In the series of annual functions every year the tirth pedhi is organizing Lord Shri Parshwanath's Birth Anniversary and Diksha Kalyanak Mahotsava on Paush Sudi Tenth and Eleventh including Attham Tap Aaradhana during a five days function, where in thousands of devotees across the country participate in the Attham Tapasya. During these festivals thirty to forty thousand devotees are visiting the tirth place. By taking active part in these programmes the followers of all most all religions are benefiting by the darshan of Lord Parshwanath & feel themselves overwhelmed with joy.

Shashvat Navpad Oliji:

In the month of Chaitra and Aso eleven days shashvati Navpad oliji function is being organized every year where in many tapasvis are taking part, The tirth pedhi makes elaborate arrangements for the stay of these Tapasvis. Each passing year the number of tapasvis are increasing. Due to the beautiful arrangements provided by the tirth pedhi the tapasvis keep coming regularly on the occasion.

Paryushan Parva Aaradhana:

During the Paryushan Parva Hundreds of devotees are visiting the tirth Kshetra for aradhana every year and feels themselves obliged by taking part in various religious functions and activities which are being organized during these eight days. The number of participating devotees at this Mahaparva is increasing every year.

Extensive celebrations of Mahaveer Jayanti:

On Chaitra Sudi Trayodashi Shri Mahaveer Swami Jain Kalyanak, Mahotsav is being celebrated extensively every year, where in thousands of devotees take parts from the nearby areas. During this period the arrangement for the stay of devotees are being made by the tirth pedhi.

Similarly every year on Vaisakh Sudi Saptami the annual anniversary of the main temple and twenty four tirthankar's temples are being celebrated along with the flag hosting programme. Thousands of devotees are taking part in the functions organized during the occasion. The Flags are being hosted by the devotees who participate as per the standing orders. Apart from all the above state functions many other various kind of functions are being organized from time to time where thousands of devotees take a dip in the religious-ganga by taking part in it.